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Even though scientists knew perfectly well that physics and chemistry work the same way throughout the universe and that our sun in a perfectly ordinary yellow dwarf, they made two very strange assumptions:. That is so irrational. Why would we be so darned special? They should have presumed we are not special until proved otherwise. I think what happened is unconsciously scientists absorbed Christian beliefs about the universe being created purely as a playground for man.

At least now the discovery of other solar systems has put part of this conceit to rest. Religious extremists try to paint secularism as just another competing religion.

Religion is asserting things for which you have no evidence. Secularism does not concern itself with such matters. Secularism is about everything but religion. Religious extremists are effectively claiming that not discussing religion in order to preserve the peace is itself a religion, thus they are justified in thrusting their sect forward to replace secularism as the state religion.

One of the popular defences a religious apologist uses is to pretend religion is an arbitrary choice, like picking a favourite flavour of ice cream and atheism is just one of those choices. That is like including non-fiction as one of the possible choices of your favourite genre of fiction. Atheism has none of the characteristics of a religion belief in a supernatural creator, holy books, services, ceremonies, singing, dogma, a building used only one day a week, miracles….

If they did, atheist organisations would be tax exempt like Christian churches. To understand why, we need to understand what a religion is. It is a group of beliefs that have no evidence to back them. Religious people try to put a more respectable spin on this by saying is belief based purely on faith — believe without evidence. From the point of view of atheists, religions are just made up stories. From the point of view of religionists, religions are historical accounts of deities.

Religions contain some factual beliefs too. Science concurs. There is a consensus of nearly everyone on earth. So these parts are not religious. They are science. Atheists say there is nowhere near enough evidence to support the notion there is a god.

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They trust science explanations instead. There is nothing in their belief system that is based on faith. It is all based on evidence. Therefore it is not religion. Atheism does not worship anything. It does not have a god. It does not oppose Yahweh, it mere says there is insufficient evidence to suggest Yahweh is real. Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence over established doctrine or faith.

Atheism simply means you think there is no evidence for the existence of any gods.

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It is not about morals. Atheism does not come with a built-in moral code, but that does not mean it recommends evil. It says get your moral code from reason or elsewhere. You could have any moral system under the sun and pair it with atheism. Atheism does not imply acceptance of any particular scientific theories such as the big bang or evolution, though, of course, most atheists do.

Christians have tried to make the public think that atheism is form of Satan worship. That is nonsense. Atheism recognises no gods.

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Atheists do not hate Yahweh or rebel against him. They have no desire to be wicked. They are just very sure he is a character of fiction, like all the other 60, gods. Yahweh is thus irrelevant, just as what Zeus wants is irrelevant. Yahweh is just another god from fable. Most atheists are also disgusted by the barbarity of the Christian moral code and the way Christians try to pretend their bible contains a reasonable guide to behaviour in modern day. We atheists have a huge advantage.

All the evidence supports our view. There is one thing that most atheists do believe, that almost certainly, nothing happens to your consciousness after you die. It just as nothing as your existence before you were born. There is nothing to dread. Christians claim that because atheists reject the bible, they have no morality. They must run about murdering and raping. This is nonsense. I and the public know What all schoolchildren learn, Those to whom evil is done Do evil in return.

Christians often tell atheists what they are certain atheists believe about abortion, murder, homosexuality, euthanasia, bestiality… There is only one belief that all atheists share, namely There is not enough evidence to conclude a deity exists. If I fly, I would like an experienced atheist pilot. The last thing I want to see on a pilot is a religious symbol such as a cross or crescent. It means that when the going get tough, this twit will start praying and thinking about his imaginary afterlife rather than focusing on his job.

Atheist is a misleading term.

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Most atheists also oppose any supernatural claims or claims made without evidence, not just deistic ones. They also oppose claims for the value of homeopathy, astrology, angels, UFO U nidentified F lying O bject inductions, crystal healing, biblical inerrantists, prayer… You might call them scientists or anti-wooists. Atheists take cheer from the statistics about the rapid decline of Christianity.

We should not celebrate too quickly. In the period to atheism was much more widespread than today. You can be both and atheist and agnostic or just one or the other or neither. I am an atheist, but not an agnostic. I am as sure there is no god as I am that there are no leprechauns. I feel no need to hedge for a 0. Christians claim atheists hate god.

Christians have atheists confused with Satanists. Satanists hate god. Atheists think he is a character in fiction. What is the practical difference between an atheist and a believer? An atheist notices world problems such as climate change, protecting the environment, finding new sources of energy, finding food and housing for the growing population, and says to himself It is up to us humans to solve.

There is no point in us tackling them. We will not succeed unless god wants us to. And if he wants these problems solved, he will solve them himself without our help.

Why would that be? In North Carolina, the state constitution prohibits atheists from holding public office, even a notary public. Christians refuse to understand atheists. They accuse atheists of rejecting god, as if atheists believed Yahweh the god existed, but despised him and thus refused to worship him. Atheists often point out what a nasty character of fiction Yahweh is and question Christians on why they would worship a figure so evil.

Atheists do not mean by that to concede that god exists. Atheists simply think Yahweh is a character of fiction that some simple-minded people believe is real. The evil queen violates far fewer laws of physics.