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Guard Duty Even a caged succubus can be dangerous. Delivery Special Soap Man suffering from nightmares is given a special massage. Knight's Conquest Ch. Sun, Sea and Succubus A succubus conquered. A Succubus Awakens Ch.

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Hookah'ed Mob henchman falls prey to some unusual security. Pussy-Wrapped Be wary when engaged in business negotiations with Mr Koontz. The Succubus Ch.

Sometime Succubus Pt. Young Blood Ch. The Entity from Beyond A succubus forces herself on Erin. Daddy's Little Succubus Vol. A Succubus in the Shower A rapist meets one of his victim's good friends. How to Tame a Succubus Ch. Succubus Ranch Ch. Will he earn freedom? Succubus Reborn Ch. Kiss of the Succubus Ch.

Hell's Housewife Ch. Succubus Ch.

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Rebirth Amelia awakens to wonderful, yet horrifying changes. The Last Night Out A man falls prey to a succubus. Royal Affliction Ch. Party Hard Succubus and an Incubus have fun at a party. Neighbourhood Mom The older woman next door comes bearing irresistible treats. Paranormal Research Club Ch. My Mother, the Succubus Alex is captured, moms plans begin. The Lost Boy This town holds far more than just answers to Ian's past The First Time A massage parlour succubus is after more than his cherry. Welcome to the City Mike is subjected to a sinister initiation at his new job.

Ways to Break a Good Man, No. Malcubus Ch.

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New Life in a New World Ch. The Succubae Seduction Ch. Pastor Tom and the Succubus Ch. Veneris Redivivus An ancient species is reborn. Sinspawn Ch. Porn Star Family Pt. A Date Gone Wrong Being stood up never felt so good.

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The Girl Next Door Ch. Supernatural Short Bus A group of former students find themselves changed. Vampiric Boobies The Romanian girl said she had vampiric boobies. I hope you all are enjoying these new books! As an oracle, Ophelia divines the future—and sometimes there is no future for the people she fights to keep alive in her job as a paramedic. Right now the series is only available there, and thus is part of their Kindle Unlimited program.

Not an e-book reader? Paperback print on demand copies are also available, and audio editions will be coming soon. Bronwyn Perkins has given up on love. In her spare time, she enchants objects and creates art from metal. Or two.

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Or three. All she needs to do is go over a cliff and down into the woods. She claimed that the novel was purchased from a ghostwriter off Fiverr, and that this ghostwriter had since vanished. If you want to check it all out, grab some popcorn and a few beers and head over to Twitter where the hashtag copypasteCris will provide hours of train-wreck entertainment.

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A couple of years ago I joined a Facebook group of writers that was geared toward marketing tips, collaborations, and working to make a living writing full time. This tip addressed a situation in the e-book market, particularly at Amazon. As in once a month, rapid. Actually, if you could put a book out every couple of weeks, that would be best.

Many, many authors find writing at that speed near impossible and the solution was to hire ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is common in non-fiction and in autobiographies. Sometimes the ghostwriter gets credit. A few years back I considered this business model. I thought about what a fair wage might be.